Angela designs and handcrafts unique jewellery using Irish stone and silver.

The rocks, fossils and gems collected throughout Ireland are hand cut and polished, to reveal their natural beauty, before being used in the creation of a very individual jewellery range.

  • Connemara Marble

    Connemara Marble

    A well known Irish stone from the Connemara region of counties Galway and Mayo. The distinctive green and yellow colouration is derived from minerals produced …
  • Ballynoe Red Jasper

    Ballynoe Red Jasper

    This Red Jasper was deposited by hot waters derived from deep within the Earth and is related to the silver, base metal and baryte deposits …
  • Cuilcagh Coral Marble

    Cuilcagh Coral Marble

    Cuilcagh Coral Marble was formed from fossilised corals in limestone which were changed to marble by the extreme heat and gases from a volcanic vent …
  • Fermanagh Marble

    Fermanagh Marble

    The Fermanagh Marble range of jewellery is produced from the same stone that the Marble Arch and Marble Arch Caves are formed in. It?s not …
  • Fossilised Coral

    Fossilised Coral

    Fossilised Coral is collected as cobbles from the west coast of Ireland especially Co.Clare. The fossil coral is composed of limestones containing fossilised coral colonies which …
  • Goniatites and Ammonites

    Goniatites and Ammonites

    Goniatites and Ammonites were spiral shelled squid like animals which swam in open tropical seas. The goniatites are collected loose from shales and limestone in …
  • Lurganboy Black

    Lurganboy Black

    This is an ancient rock, originally a lava flow or similar rock which has been subjected to extreme temperature and pressure during the formation of …
  • Mourne Mountain Banded Stone

    Mourne Mountain Banded Stone

    Mourne banded stone. Collected as small cobbles from streams in the Mourne Mountains, Co. Down. Mourne Banded Stone is formed from fine muddy sediments deposited at …
  • Silver


    Silver …
  • Woodland Wonders

    Woodland Wonders

    Inspired by walks in the beautiful Fermanagh Forests …

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Angela designs and handcrafts unique jewellery using Irish stone and silver. Her love of nature, the great outdoors and geology allows her to collect all the rocks, minerals, and fossils (or raw materials) herself – and calls it fun!

Bespoke Jewellery

The rocks, minerals and fossils are hand cut using diamond bladed saws, carefully shaped using diamond grinding wheels and hand polished with cerium oxide powder.

The polished stones are either set in hand crafted silver or fitted with beaten and polished silver wire fittings and ornamentation. Occasional limited editions are prepared from rocks and minerals from other parts of the planet.


To see my latest work, why not visit my shop in The Buttermarket, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, which is housed in a beautifully restored 19th century courtyard.

16 The Buttermarket
Craft & Design Centre
Down Street
Co Fermanagh
028 6632 8741

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